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Addressing Every Parent's Concerns and Goals
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Step One:
Address Quality of Care

Most healthcare experts agree that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) ADHD Diagnosis and Management Guidelines  are the best standard of care for children age 6-17 with ADHD (CDC, 2016).


Pediatricians are the primary care provider for ADHD diagnosis and management. Unfortunately, pediatricians are not adequately compensated for time required to manage and coordinate ADHD chronic care between parents, teachers and therapists. 


Even with a pediatrician's best efforts, many parents lack the understanding and tools to follow through on all the necessary details of care. This result is only one in three children receiving the standard of care recommended by pediatricians and the AAP. 


This is where we come in. Esteem Thrive fills the gap by empowering parents with step-by-step guidance and enabling them to partner with their pediatrician and coordinate ADHD care. Esteem Thrive makes it possible for parents to ensure treatment is meeting the AAP Guidelines. 

Parents Take

 Control of ADHD Journey

Step Two:

Step One:

Step Three:


ADHD Condition Baseline

Address ADHD Symptom Severity Functional Impairment







Track, Manage

Share ADHD Condition with Network





Your Care Network

With Esteem Thrive, parents will learn what the American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines deem to be the roles and responsibilities within the Care Network. This includes  pediatricians, behavioral therapists, and educators, and how parents can proactively participate to ensure their child receives ADHD care to this standard.




Parents will partner with pediatricians to understand and support the pediatrician's care plan. You help by coordinating care with others and by providing important quantified data that includes functional assessments, ADHD symptoms, sleep, weight, info on growth and movement, bio-behavioral information to maximize office visits and improve both care and medication titration decisions.




The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends incorporating a behavioral therapist into the ADHD care network as early as possible.  In most cases the therapist will be covered by your healthcare plan.  


Behavioral therapists are vital in your child’s ADHD treatment to address behavioral issues that medication cannot. Medication will help your child's brain pay attention for about a period of time, whereas, a therapist, unlike medication, can provide your child with tools and training to improve behavioral patterns.


Esteem Thrive provides parents with tools to work in partnership with behavioral therapy.  Quantifiable behavioral and educational information provided to the therapist allows you to work together to help you set and track important behavioral goals. 




Unfortunately, teachers carry the brunt of the ADHD epidemic. Teachers motivated to help their student learn, grow and mature, are often time-challenged to participate in their students’ ADHD care.  The result can be that your pediatrician does not have critical assessments and information from the teachers when it is most needed. 


Using Esteem Thrive, busy teachers can easily provide their important feedback on their phone or device of choice. There's no need to create accounts or learn new technology to participate, and they can be confident they are effectively contributing to your child's ADHD Care Network on an ongoing basis.

For the first time, parents and their ADHD Care Network can have a full picture of where their child is on the ADHD journey. Esteem Thrive allows you to establish a baseline, or starting point, and measure progress in each aspect of your child’s treatment.  The visual display of these measurements are presented on the Esteem ADHD Condition Dashboard.   


As you begin to coordinate and maximize your ADHD Care Network, implement new strategies and begin new interventions, goals become measurable and reachable, medication effectiveness is determinable, and  you will have the tools to follow and observe your child’s progress. 


The Esteem Thrive Dashboard measures and tracks five functional areas impacting your child’s school and home life:  self-control, self-sufficiency, emotional control, academic performance and cognitive performance.  The Dashboard also tracks your child’s health and wellness in areas of  sleep quality, medication side effects and ADHD severity. 


The Dashboard provides you with tools to identify and set goals for improvement in specific functional areas and address health and wellness concerns.  You and your Care Network will be able to easily measure progress and improvements in areas most important to you.

Step Two:
Assess Condition and Development

 Esteem Thrive creates opportunities for your child to progress on the scale from “Below Average” to “Competent” or beyond with the hope of minimizing or even eliminating

medication over time.   

Track Improvements
Emotional Control
Academic Performance
Cognitive Performance

Below Average


Above Average

A recently published study

concluded that technology-assisted tracking

and management resulted in additional reduction of parent-rated ADHD symptoms among patients prescribed ADHD medication.

Track and Manage
What Matters

On your phone, tablet, or computer, you can easily document your child’s ADHD condition baseline by answering simple questions in the following areas.

Functional Abilities

Self-control is the ability to control oneself, in particular emotions and desires and the expression of them in behavior, especially in difficult situations. 

Self-sufficiency is the quality or condition of being self-sufficient. To be self-sufficient is to be able to supply one’s own needs without external assistance.


Emotional Control is the child's ability to control emotions in various contexts. The Bright Futures Pediatric Symptoms Checklist is the preferred measurement.


Academic performance is the student’s ability to succeed in meeting short or long-term educational goals.

Cognitive performance is the child’s ability to perform cognitive functions both on and off medication to showing key variables in focus and attention. This is measured by Esteem's Attention Progress Tracking.

Health and Wellness

ADHD Severity Index incorporates your child’s ADHD symptoms and condition. This information is tracked on an ongoing basis and reported to pediatricians to manage care and medication and therapists to update treatment plans.

Medication Side Effects are the effects that ADHD medication may be having on your child. This information is tracked on an ongoing basis and reported to pediatricians to manage care and medication and to therapists to update treatment plans.  

Sleep Quality is your child's quantity of sleep and hours split between deep and light sleep. Improving sleep quality is one of the most important things we can do to improve your child's health and wellness. 

Completing the functional and health and wellness assessments produces progress gauges on your child’s Dashboard.

These gauges enable you to track and share information about your child’s ADHD condition and progress. This means you and your ADHD Care Network have quantified data to make informed decisions around medication, interventions, and the health and wellness of your child.



Upon establishing your child’s baseline, you will have the ability to track how interventions you choose affect your child’s behavior, functional abilities and health. 


Esteem Thrive prompts you to update your child’s ADHD progress on a bi-monthly basis, automatically documenting how ADHD interventions are improving your child’s scores. This data will be shared with your ADHD Care Network.


In addition to now having an ADHD Condition Baseline, research suggests that by using technology like the Esteem Thrive tracking and managing system, your child’s ADHD symptoms could improve.

Step Three:
Introduce New ADHD Interventions

Welcome to the stage of the Esteem Thrive program that adds new interventions designed to additionally reduce ADHD symptoms, improve functional abilities, and reduce or eliminate medications. 


State-of-the-art interventions in ADHD treatment include: specialized dietary plans, nutritional supplements, exercise/physical fitness plan, brain games and neurofeedback.


Our scientific team at Esteem are recognized national experts with decades of ADHD experience and they have chosen these intervention solutions based on solid research and demonstrated positive clinical outcomes. 


On top of these world class solutions, the Esteem Thrive program creates a brand new paradigm for tracking, monitoring, and reporting to your ADHD Care Network. 


Tracking and updating daily changes to your child’s ADHD is a game changer, enabling parents to be true knowledge experts.  Esteem Thrive allows you to choose and implement treatment methods and practices most convenient for your family and objectively evaluate their effectiveness.


The ADHD experts at Esteem Therapeutics are committed to curating the most promising new interventions and tools to provide parents easy ways to track and monitor their effectiveness. 

ADHD interventions can have a huge effect on your child's educational performance and overall health and wellness. In addition, interventions can work to enhance medication effectiveness, reduce dosages, or offer an alternative to medication altogether.


Parents now have the ability to purchase ADHD interventions and incorporate them into their child’s ADHD care. It is important that parents know that they are not limited to choosing only the ADHD interventions that we curate. In fact, we would love to hear feedback regarding effective interventions you choose.

Once there is a stable ADHD

Condition Baseline (which could

take between 8 and 12 weeks) any

ADHD intervention you choose will be easily

tracked in the Dashboard for effectiveness. These interventions have been hand selected by our expert ADHD science team. There is a variety of options currently available with even more on the horizon. Imagine a new world of opportunities for your child:

Brain Games, Nutrition, Exercise, and Many Others...

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