Every parent wants to see their child thrive.

Esteem Thrive is designed to create opportunities to improve your child’s social skills, emotional development, academic achievement, and parent-child relationships. Our mission is to help you support your child's success in elementary, middle, and high school, and prepare them for SAT testing.

Empowering you to take control of your child’s ADHD journey.

Esteem can help you understand what high quality ADHD treatment involves and collaborate effectively with your child's providers to obtain it. Developed for busy, on-the-go parents, Esteem Thrive requires only a few minutes each week and empowers you to coordinate with your child's ADHD Care Network (pediatricians, therapists, and teachers).

Additionally, many parents are unaware of the importance of systematically monitoring their child's functioning in important areas to track progress and being alerted when treatment adjustments may be needed. Esteem Thrive gives you these tools.

Providing expert knowledge at your finger tips.

Whether you are at the beginning of the ADHD journey, or seeking to improve your child's health and wellness, Esteem Thrive removes confusion and chaos by providing parents with a clear plan of action. Our ADHD experts are just a click away and ready to answer any questions you might have.

Whether your 6-12 year old child has struggled for years or is about to be diagnosed

with ADHD, Esteem Thrive can help improve your child’s ADHD journey. 


Side Effects

You don't have to just survive ADHD.



Demonstrate Need for

Educational Assistance





Improve Academic Performance






Sleep Quality

Be the Hero in your child’s ADHD story.
Ensure Best ADHD Care.

By integrating the American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines into an easy-to-use platform, Esteem Thrive enables you to partner with your pediatrician, maximizing the effectiveness of office visits and improving overall patient care.

Address Behavioral Issues.

By identifying, prioritizing, and tracking progress, behavioral issues most concerning to you can be effectively addressed. For the first time, behavioral therapists can have quantified behavioral/functional data and analytics to help ensure your child’s success at home and at school.

Promote Medication Management, Reduction,
or Alternatives.

By providing your pediatrician with psychological, functional, and bio-behavioral analytics, which track cognitive, emotional, sleep, physical movement and academic progress, you and your pediatrician are better able to assess and manage your child’s medication needs. Or, if you have chosen an alternative to medication, Esteem Thrive provides the ability to track effectiveness.

Introduce New ADHD Interventions.

By continually measuring and tracking cognitive performance, emotional control, and academics, it is easy to report and track the positive effects of introducing new ADHD interventions such as nutritional and dietary changes, physical activity and exercise plans, neurofeedback, or other interventions you feel would be helpful.

Our Commitment to Parents:

Esteem Therapeutics is committed to providing solutions that put you, the parent, in control of the ADHD journey, combining the best of behavioral therapy and medication while adhering to the AAP Guidelines. These guidelines recommend that ADHD management follow the principles of a chronic care model and stress the importance of ongoing monitoring and communication between parents, pediatricians, therapists, and teachers. This will ensure your child receives the best possible care and thrives.

Academy of
Still Not Convinced?

Esteem Thrive is committed to addressing the challenges of the current state of ADHD management and care. Here's what you should know:

Research has shown that an integrative approach to ADHD treatment and management, like Esteem Thrive, yields the best results (Epstein. et. al. 2014; AAP News, 2017).

30% of children with ADHD also have a comorbidity with another disorder (Kars 4 Kids, 2015). Esteem Thrive uncovers and addresses these issues. 

Pediatricians following the American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines find them difficult to implement because of a lack of both in-office time and cooperation from the insurance industry. Esteem Thrive optimizes office visits and makes it easy to coordinate care.

New research shows girls are under-diagnosed for ADHD, which may impact self-esteem and increase risk of depression, anxiety, and  eating disorders (Attitude Editors, 2016). Esteem Thrive is designed to help identify, manage and track possible issues.

Nationally, research shows physician approaches to ADHD care varies widely (Epstein. et. al. 2014; AAP News, 2017)Recent investigations reveal only one in three children prescribed ADHD medication are receiving the full recommended care as published by the American Academy of Pediatrics (CDC, 2017)Esteem Thrive guides and empowers you to ensure your child’s care meets the published guidelines. 

 There are growing concerns about the long term effects of ADHD medication taken over multiple years. The need for better medication management, like that provided by Esteem Thrive, is essential. 

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