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The only ADHD tool that gives Behavioral Health Providers an advantage with ADHD care.

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Designed by leading ADHD and child development experts and built purposely to meet the care guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics.


Esteem Therapeutics works with the leading experts to create a ground breaking ADHD management tool that leverages the benefits of digital delivery and tracking, which together creates the opportunity to apply the American Academy of Pediatrics ADHD Chronic Care Guidelines on a national scale.

Dr. David Rabiner, PhD.
Dr. Russell Barkley, PhD.
Dr. Thomas Pedigo, ED.D

Why Use Esteem Thrive With Your Clients

Esteem Thrive enables you to add cutting edge digital tools and approach your ADHD care with:

Child specific information


Approach interventions from a strengths and needs basis


Track child development over the school year. 


As an Esteem Certified Provider, Esteem will provide you with free training to give you the power to unlock all the benefits of Esteem Thrive, including gaining referrals from Esteem parents in your geographic location.

Evidence-based & Scientifically-backed

...using Internet-based information technology significantly improved the quality of ADHD care...

More Benefits of Using Esteem Thrive

Elevates ADHD expertise of your practice.

Automates collaboration between parent, teacher, primary care providers, and behavioral health providers.

Quantifies intervention effectiveness and what works for each child.

No cost to professionals (parents pay an affordable monthly fee).

Focuses on a strengths and needs behavioral improvement model.

Assists in documenting services and extending treatment authorization.

Fits into client sessions requiring no non-billable time.

Enables "Whole Health" care model for child.

Developed to improve ADHD care and practice bottom-line.

Esteem will direct parents to certified providers based on geographic location.

Esteem Thrive Quick Tour

Go to and create an account for free

Choose Health Provider

Fill out the sign-up information.


When you sign-up below to become a certified provider, you will be given a unique assess code for you and your practice. 

You have now created your own Esteem Thrive health providers dashboard. 

From here you will be able to add other members of your practice

You will receive invites from parents we've referred to you. As well as invite parents in your own case load.

Esteem Thrive will automatically send the parent the needed assessments to complete.

Health professionals can also complete them within the session together with the parent. 

Esteem Thrive walks users through the needed information required to complete the child ADHD dashboard. 

Once the information is gathered, you will have the client's ADHD dashboard that help you navigate your sessions with real actionable data and insights. 

Why did we build Esteem Thrive?
ADHD is a serious problem which costs the US billions of dollars each year. With digital therapeutics tools, there is a significant opportunity for mental and behavioral health providers to make a difference in the lives of millions children.

The latest reports say that over 11M children in the US have been diagnosed with ADHD. Unfortunately, research confirms there is a great need to improve the overall quality of care:


Join us and other health providers dedicated to improve ADHD care.

Get instant access to Esteem Thrive Certification.

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