How It Works

The easiest way to help your child with their ADHD journey and reach your specific goals for them.

Identify, measure and achieve

I'd like to see:

My child's

self-control improve.

My child’s

behavior improve.

If medication

is helping.

My child improve

socially and emotionally.

More effective interaction

with my child’s teacher.

My child make

better decisions.

Reduced anger

issues or unhappiness.

More effective interaction

with my child’s pediatrician.

Medication for my

child reduced or eliminated.

My child’s

academics improve.

My spouse and I

on the same page.

My child’s executive

function improve.

My child’s sleep

quality improve.

My child’s ability

to focus improve.

If my child has

any med side effects.

We’ve automated managing your child’s ADHD (and other conditions) chronic care.


Let’s get started. This will take a few


All of the heavy lifting is done for you as you’re guided through creating your child’s Strength and Needs Dashboard.


Continued care is simplified as the system automatically prompts you when it’s time to update the Dashboard.


We’ve automated connecting and interacting with important people such as co-parents, teachers, and pediatricians.


The entire process is now simple and easy to fit in to your busy modern life and can be done on your phone. Minutes per week.

What are the benefits

of automating the American Academy of Pediatrics

ADHD Guidelines

Benefits from a

Strength based approach

to Child Development

The system doesn’t stop there, its designed to look ahead for possible bumps in the road.

Sleep quality has been trending down.

Think of Esteem Thrive like a GPS that uses your child realtime behavioral health data to help guide you to your child to the intended destination.


And just like how a GPS works Esteem Thrive is designed to alert parents and other caregivers to current issues to guide you around possible trouble areas that could slow down the process.

Something, something, something...

Something, something, something...

Something, something, something...

Alright, I’m Curious… What’s Next?

That's up to you.

If you’re ready to take advantage of our 30 day free trial, no credit card needed, choose the Create an Account button. It will immediately set you on the path of helping our child fully develop.

If you’re interested and would like to take Esteem+ Thrive for quick spin you can use the Try an Assessment button to see how it actually works.

If you’re still not sure if Esteem+ Thrive is right for you, we invite you to take the Quiz to determine if it’s something you'd like to use with your child.

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