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Help your child with their emotional and mental wellness. 


Social & Emotional

Personal Development


Conduct Disorder

Oppositional Defiance

Emotional Health

Others being added

Help your child with their emotional and mental wellness. 

Esteem helps families navigate through emotional and behavioral challenges.

Esteem is for everyone no matter where you are on this journey.  Join the thousands of parents not letting anything hold their children back.

I'm already feeling like this is helping, not only our child, but our relationship with her. 

I always felt like I was parenting the right way with our children, but I'm happy to have found this to help us better relate to our children. 

With Esteem, our pediatrician was able to see that while the medication my son was on worked well for a while, it was no longer doing the job we needed it to do... She could find the information she needed to make her decision quickly [about changing medication].

Instantly get started free anytime anywhere.

Esteem is free and only takes 90 seconds to create an account.

Simplify Your Journey

Few things are as difficult for parents as watching their kids struggle. It's especially hard not knowing how to help them!

Create your child’s account in seconds.

Customize Esteem specifically for you and your child’s needs.

Instantly create a starting point for each condition that appears.

Choose the areas you would like to work on.

Understand Your Child Better

Find your starting point by identifying and understanding what your child is experiencing, whether or not your child has been diagnosed with a condition.

Understand the issues appearing in your child and how those issues are affecting them.

At a glance know the areas that are improving, holding steady, or trending down. 

Celebrate improvements or catch issues before they get worse.

Choose Esteem

Empower Yourself and Your Child

Receive automated goals that encourage progress. Celebrate small wins that add up to big improvements!

Become Your Child’s Best Advocate

Provide your child’s doctor with all the information they need to make decisions about your child’s care.


Be prepared for every appointment.


Share appropriate information with your child’s teacher to help them help your child in the classroom.


Follow guided steps to be sure you’re doing everything necessary to set your child up to succeed!

No need to become an expert, just follow the steps!

Activities, tasks, and tracking show up in your ‘Today’ list so that in only minutes per week, you can be on top of managing your child’s wellness.

Developed by and in conjunction with leading behavioral health professionals.

Dr. Thomas Pedigo, EdD

Medical Psychologist

Esteem Co-founder

Dr. Tommy Black, PhD

Professional Counselor

Esteem Co-Founder


Dr. Eli Schneider, PhD 


Duke Professor

Dr. David Rabiner, PhD

Dr. Paul Bradley, MD

Healthcare Entrepreneur

Behavioral Health

Systems Architect

Dr. Ed Neuhaus, PhD, ABPP


Dr. Afolarin-Banjoko, MD

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Find your starting point, gain insights on your child's wellness, coordinate care and other important tasks. 

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Life just feels better when you feel like you're back in control.

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