Activity of Daily Living Sleep Quality Overview

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What is the Sleep Performance Intervention?

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What is the Sleep Performance Intervention?

The Activity of Daily Living Sleep Quality intervention module helps identify possible sleep issues that are common to children with ADHD or other growth and developmental concerns.


Activity of Daily Living Sleep Quality information is obtained from the parent (or guardian), coparent, or a care provider specified by the primary Esteem Thrive user through their observations of the child.


The Esteem Thrive platform has completely automated the entire Sleep Quality assessment process:

Sleep Quality assessments are 100% taken electronically on the parent phone, tablet, or computer

The Esteem Thrive platform automatically sends notification to their email or smart phone.

While maintaining PHI the assessment taker isn’t required to login or create an account.

Every assessment is designed to be easily understood through graphics and color coding.

Sleep Quality assessments are automatically scored


Esteem Thrive will send a notification task to complete the Sleep Quality to be completed every 14 days. The assessor will be reminded every 3 days until completed


Esteem Thrive automatically creates trend-lines and insights to be viewed primally by the pediatrician but also by parents and behavioral health providers

The Sleep Quality Intervention has 27 question that include:

1.     How long before your child fell asleep

2.     How many hours did your child typically sleep during school nights

3.     How many hours did your child typically sleep during non-school nights

4.     It usually took my child _____ minutes to get out of bed in the morning

5.     My child took naps during the day

6.     Uses a computer, iPad, phone or other blue screen devices within an hour

        of bedtime?

7.    Consumes caffeine (chocolate, soft drinks, coffee, tea, etc.) within an hour of

       going to bed?

8.    Afraid or anxious at bedtime?

9.    Avoids bedtime or makes excuses to not go to bed?

10.  Snores?

11.  Excessively moves around the bed often (tosses and turns)?

12.  Talks in her/his sleep?

13.  Has nightmares?

14.  Screams or calls out while sleeping?

15.  Wakes often during the night?

16.  Wets the bed?

17.  Feels groggy when he/she woke up?

18.  Misses breakfast?

19.  Complains of being sleep/groggy at school?

20.  Falls asleep if he/she sits still?

21.  Falls asleep after school?

22.  Complained of pain in legs, joints or have stomach aches?

23.  Stopped breathing while sleeping?

24.  Sweat excessively while sleeping?

25.  Experienced sleepwalking?

26.  Ground his/her teeth while sleeping?

27.  Fallen asleep at school?

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