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What is the Medication Side Effects Intervention?

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What is the Medication Side Effects Intervention?

The Esteem Thrive platform incorporates a parent or guardian driven Medication Side Effects assessment.


The Esteem Thrive platform has completely automated the entire 

Medication Side Effects assessment process:

Medication Side Effects assessments are 100% taken electronically on the parent phone, tablet, or computer

The Esteem Thrive platform automatically sends notification to their email or smart phone.

While maintaining PHI the assessment taker isn’t required to login or create an account.

Every assessment is designed to be easily understood through graphics and color coding.

Medication Side Effects assessments are automatically scored


Esteem Thrive will send a notification task to complete the Medication Side Effects to be completed every 30 days. The assessor will be reminded every 3 days until completed


Esteem Thrive automatically creates trend-lines and insights to be viewed primally by the pediatrician but also by parents and behavioral health providers

The Medication Side Effects Intervention has 16 question that include:

1.    Has sleep difficulties

2.    Appetite is reduced

3.    Reports headaches

4.    Reports stomach aches

5.    Reports other physical pain

6.    Is irritable on meds

7.    Is irritable when meds wear off

8.    Is whiny when meds wear off

9.    Cries easily when on meds

10.  Has begun unusual or repetitive body movements

11.  Has become over fixated on tasks

12.  Has become aggressive

13.  Has become muted, zombie-like

14.  Physician has reported physical health concerns

15.  Has shown negative moods or has become overly sensitive

16.  Wets the bed

The Medication Side Effects intervention module tracks and presents common side effects that may or may not be associated ADHD medication. Lastly, Medication Side Effects information is obtained from the parent (or guardian), coparent, or a care provider specified by the primary Esteem Thrive user through their observations of the child.

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