Esteem Thrive Behavioral Health Provider Child Dashboard Training Module

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Quick Tour of the Behavioral Health Provider Child Dashboard

Session Planning and Review Panel

Child Condition Summary

First Name

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Session Planning and Review Panel

We’ve built into the dashboard the ability to easily match your sessions with the progress of the parents. This flexible synchronicity allows you to help guide and meet the parent (and child) where they are and with what they have been able to accomplish within the Esteem Thrive platform.

The “Outstanding Assessments” area shows you the assessments that are ready (or past due) for the parent to complete. If the parent is in session with you, they can take that assessment during the session on your device. Or you can send the assessment to the parent's phone or email from this panel so they can complete it while you work with their child.

The “Pick Session” area enables you to select the session number you are currently in.

The “Assessments to Review” area indicates the assessments that have been completed by the parent or child and who’s data and insights are ready to be reviewed during session. 

“Session Notes” is automatically populated with the actions taken during that session. For instance, if you sent or reviewed an assessment, a note will be put into this area.  Additionally, you are able to write your own notes. 

After each session (or later at your convenience), you can print the notes or save them as a PDF to be scanned in or uploaded into any EHR system. 

Activities of Daily Living Panel

The Activities of Daily Living panel contains four areas that are crucial to a healthy, productive, and happy life. You will have the opportunity to get more familiar with each of these areas in their upcoming, specific training modules.


The point of this panel is to display the last taken assessment, enabling you to help and guide the parent (and child) in your sessions. Again, the results are displayed in a Strengths (green) and Needs (red) manner. This allows you to quickly ascertain the child’s starting point, growth, or regression.

If the parent is behind in taking any of the assessments you can initiate an assessment by clicking “Take,” or you can send it directly to the parent's phone or email by choosing “Send.”

You can switch between Strengths and Needs results by clicking these buttons. 

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When you select “Deep Dive," you will be presented with more detailed information. Again, you’ll learn more about that in their training modules. 

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