Esteem Thrive Behavioral Health Provider Child Dashboard Training Module

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Quick Tour of the Behavioral Health Provider Child Dashboard

Quick Navigation Panel

Child Condition Summary

First Name

Last Name

Quick Navigation Panel

This top panel enables you to quickly recall and view the child’s status and current condition. 

Each of the blue buttons is a Quick Link to those areas of the dashboard, allowing you to jump to there with one click. 

Child Condition Summary

The Esteem Thrive platform is built on the Assessment philosophy of “Strengths & Needs.” This process highlights children’s strengths and uses them to bridge, replace, or work around “needs or sub-typical” areas, while simultaneously intervening in areas of need to push towards a “strengths or above-typical” (indicated in Green) status.


This panel is designed with the Green Strength indicator at the top of the panel which highlights the DESSA Strengths and Needs assessment results, Sleep Quality assessment results, and Medication Side Effects assessment results in color-code to allow you the ability to see, at-a-Glance, the conditions of the child.

You can click on any of the circles to quickly jump to that area of the dashboard.

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