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Esteem Thrive Health Provider Tool

Enables you to add cutting edge digital tools and approach your ADHD care with child specific information, approach interventions from a strengths and needs basis, and track child development over the school year. 

Esteem will provide you with free training to give you the power to unlock all the benefits of Esteem Thrive, including gaining referrals from Esteem parents in your geographic location.

Ready to Join the Movement?

Sign up to access free training and become an offical Esteem Certified Provider and you will be able to create an account and have access to the rest of the training material below. 

Esteem Thrive 10 Minute (Or Less) Training Modules

Each module below is designed to provide a working understanding of the data and insights provided by the Esteem Thrive platform, enabling you to take advantage of our turn-key digital therapeutics system.

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