Esteem Thrive Web App empowers you to manage your child's ADHD. 

ADHD doesn't have to be so complicated.




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Why do parents need an ADHD app?

After years of working with thousands of parents,  the Esteem ADHD experts decided it was time to create an ADHD management app for parents. Here's why:

“I was so frustrated with myself for not being able to clearly express to our pediatrician what was going on in my family.”

Feel prepared, heard, and understood at your next appointment. Share the important information generated by Esteem that your pediatrician needs to help better manage your child's ADHD care. 

“I know my child is struggling in the classroom, but it’s so difficult staying on the same page as her teacher throughout the school year.”

Transform your relationship with your child's teacher to create an environment at school that helps your child succeed.

“It was overwhelming and frustrating not knowing if anything we were doing for our son was really making a difference or not, especially with how much time and money we were spending.”

Don't waste any more time, energy, or money without the ability to track how your child is responding to interventions. Be confident by using data and insights to understand what is working for your child. 

“The worst part was wanting to do so much more for my kid, but having no idea how to do it.”

Easily follow a plan based on the American Academy of Pediatrics' guidelines for ADHD care designed to promote happier, healthier kids.

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Apps don't solve problems. Parents do.

The last thing you need is just another app; you need the right tools. Esteem empowers parents to know if their child's ADHD symptoms, social and emotional development, daily life skills, sleep quality, and medication side effects are trending up, holding steady, or even declining. Be guided with real data and insights to make better decisions that are aimed at healthy, happy, successful kids. 

14-Day Free Trial -

No Credit Card Needed.

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Or take two minutes to answer these simple questions.


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