We founded Esteem because:

The need for behavioral health services is stronger than ever with nearly 6 in 10 Americans having sought or wanting to seek behavioral and mental health services for themselves or for a loved one.

Today 56M Americans diagnosed with mental and behavioral health needs are not currently receiving treatment.

"There's a mental health crisis in American"

Meet Esteem:

We Started by Creating the Esteem Precision Behavioral Health Platform

To empower consumers to take control of their behavioral health needs through evidence-based guidance and data-driven analytics. 

Our Ambition:

Is to responsibly provide Direct-to-Consumer behavioral health tools that better serve and meet the needs of the millions of people suffering with mental and behavioral health issues.

How We Get There:

Using the Esteem Precision Behavioral Health Platform, provide people with the option and ability to immediately start making progress by minimizing the initial dependence on mental and behavioral health gatekeepers, simplifying the complexity of finding a starting point and by reducing the ongoing friction of working with appropriate care providers

We're Starting With Helping Kids:

"We've started by addressing the ADHD epidemic by giving parents tools to help their children with ADHD and common co-existing conditions."

Meet Esteem:

We are a team of men and women with backgrounds in medicine, behavioral health, technology, consumer marketing, and startups from places like Harvard, Duke, Emory, Apple Computer, Palm Inc., Prime Therapeutics, highly motivated to help improve outcomes with mental and behavioral health solutions.

Dr. Tommy Black, Ph.D.

Co-Founder & CEO

Dr. Thomas Pedigo, Ed.D.

Co-Founder & CSO

Jamie McElwain.

Front-End Development

Ozzie Payne

Product Development

Dr. David Rabiner, Ph.D.

Pediatric ADHD Advisor

Dr. Russell Barkley, Ph.D.

Adult ADHD Advisor

Austin Miller

Co-Founder & Products

Thiago Cifani

Back-End Development

Dr. Paul Bradley, MD

Healthcare and Science Expert

Erin Synders J.D.

Leads User Success

Thad Hodges

Business Development

Ben Marion

Strategic Relationships

Mallory Hale


Dr. Ed Neuhaus, Ph.D.

Health Systems Architect

Mike Fawkes

Business Advisor

We are uniquely positioned to be the team to bring life-changing behavioral health tools directly to consumers.

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