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Esteem Thrive was developed from scientific, evidenced-based research.

Research shows people make better decisions about their care when they have trusted objective data.

Data-driven Care

Learn What is Working

Improve Care Outcomes

Track Improvements

Below Average


Above Average

Emotional Control
Academic Performance
Cognitive Performance

Enables advanced analytics capabilities in easy-to-use dashboards for the consumer, provider, and care community to make data-driven decisions. Unlock previously undiscovered correlations between the patient’s behavior, their care plan, and their diagnosis.

Are your interventions taking your health from red (concerned) to green (good)?

Introducing The Esteem Precision 

Behavioral Health Platform

Designed to achieve better outcomes for you and your family, you and your provider are empowered with relevant and actionable data and insights to improve care plans.

Precision behavioral health and child development app designed to guide parents, providers, and community care agents with step-by-step evidence-based care plans to maximize their child’s (5-16) social, behavioral, psychological, and physical development.  

Esteem Precision Behavioral Health Platform Makes a Healthy Difference

ADHD & Comorbidities

A busy mom can, with a single glance can check her child’s development, collaborate with her care community, add new observations, and access key resources.  To her child, she is a Superhero with Esteem Thrive

It's All About Improved Outcomes

Because improving your life is the point, and we've made it simple to measure .

And We're Only Getting Started...

Care Plan Optimization

Adult ADHD 

Population Health  Insights

Crisis Prediction

Personal Behavior Insights

Care Plan


We’re Serious About Science

The Esteem Therapeutics Science and Development Team has over 30 years of collective experience

developing award-winning, evidence-based, peer-reviewed, scientifically-validated products and technologies.


We value openness and collaboration. We’re partnering with leading universities, teaching hospitals, and

researchers to continue our strong history of conducting clinical trials, publishing case-studies, and peer-reviewed data.



If you’re interested in collaborating with us, 

please contact Dr. Thomas Pedigo.

Dr. Thomas Pedigo, PhD.
Medical Psychologist
Chief Science Officer
Dr. Tommy Black, PhD.
Behavioral Health and Addiction Expert
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. David Rabiner, PhD.
Pediatric Behavioral Health Expert
Program and Science Advisor
Dr. Russell Barkley, PhD.
Adult Behavioral Health Expert
Program and Science Advisor
Dr. Paul Bradley, MD
Healthcare and Science Expert

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