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Esteem is a free tool that helps you manage your child's ADHD

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Join the thousands of parents taking control of their children's ADHD journey. 

Esteem is helping us better understand our child. I wish this was around when I was a kid.

 - A California Mom

Get guidance with easy to follow steps. 


Find Your Starting Point

In three simple steps, find your child’s current areas of strength and need.


Gain Personal Insights About Your Child's ADHD

Insight sessions give you confidence that you know how ADHD affects your child.


Manage Medication

Keep track of medication changes, side effects and progress your child experiences in order to make the right medications decisions with your child’s doctor. 


Track Coexsisting Conditions

Determine whether your child shows symptoms that may be related to common co-existing conditions and provide that information to your child’s doctor. 


Find Tools that Help

Explore and get immediate access to a marketplace of Improvement Tools (products and services) that may help you and your child begin to thrive.  


Coordinate Care

We tie it all together and help you focus your efforts on the things that are truly helping your child. Esteem’s personalized reporting integrates your child’s progress reports and important information from the Medication Management, Co-Existing Conditions, and Improvement Tools so that you and your doctor can make well-informed decisions about your child’s care.

Life is better when you feel in control. 

Esteem gives you the tools and guidance to feel confident and take back control.

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What do the experts say?

The key to improving treatment for children with ADHD, and to promoting their healthy development, is to equip parents with the tools and knowledge they need to advocate effectively for their child.

Dr. David Rabiner Ph.D, a clinical psychology professor at  Duke University and pediatric ADHD expert.

In my experience when parents are empowered with the right information about their child’s ADHD, their children do better. I recommend Esteem to all of my clients because it helps them understand which tools are truly helping their child and make well-informed decisions alongside their child’s doctor. It’s an amazing tool.

Erin Snyders, Parenting Educator and Coach Founder, Honestly ADHD

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