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Esteem Thrive works with computers,
tablets, and phones.
Sign-up for a personalized ADHD and child development plan for your child
As a strength based approach, Thrive will help parents ensure their children are developing maximally in key areas like social, emotional, ADL and cognitive growth!
Only $19.95 per month
No risk 30 day money back guarantee!
Cancel at any time risk free.
​​Here’s What’s Included
With Esteem Thrive
“As a mom who grew up with ADHD, I wish my parents had Esteem Thrive.”
​​Here’s What’s Included With Esteem Thrive.
For the one-time $99 startup fee, you will receive:
Important insights into your child's ADHD condition and establishment of their ADHD Baseline.
Ability to establish your goals that will be used as your child’s developmental objective with family, teachers and behavioral specialists.
The Esteem Thrive "ADHD Report" used to share empirical data with teachers, pediatricians and behavioral specialists. ​
“What I'm most excited about is the parent involvement and them having it on their cell phones”
“This is data you can't really argue with, everyone will see it and you can't get confused by it.”
“I'm excited about having data on a "whole child" so we can have real conversations with parents and teacher”
Behavioral Therapist
For the low-price of $35 per month (which begins the second month) Esteem Thrive includes:
Ability to track, manage and quantify your child's ADHD, behavioral, academics, and medication management data.
Easy connection and collaboration between you, teachers, therapists, and your pediatrician all working together to ensure you receive ADHD care as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.
Informative parent tools to guide you through important ADHD and child development situations.
Innovative sleep, exercise and brain training interventions to help your child improve. ​
Expert help at your fingertips so you’re never alone.

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