We've just unlocked the ADHD tool you have been wishing for and made it free. 

A few months ago we invited parents to test drive a new program designed to simplify helping their kids with ADHD.

Thousands of parents shared their feedback and wish lists with us:

"We wish it was easier knowing how to help our children with ADHD so we can focus on what matters."

"We wish we had insights to understand how ADHD affects our children so we can be more understanding parents."

"We wish we had a way to know if medication is effective so we can ensure they are getting the help they need."

"We wish it was easier to help our children receive appropriate ADHD care so we could feel more confident." 

"We wish we didn't have to spend even more money on tools even if they promise to help."

Okay, it's ready and it's free.

Just use the same log-in information you used when you first tried Esteem.

Our team listened to your ideas, comments, frustrations and wish-lists. Come and rejoin us as we open up Esteem up to everyone. 

If you are new, create a free account and get started today.

No credit card needed.

Esteem is free.

Developed by and in conjunction with leading behavioral health professionals.

Dr. Thomas Pedigo, EdD

Medical Psychologist

Esteem Co-founder

Dr. Tommy Black, PhD

Professional Counselor

Esteem Co-Founder

Dr. Eli Schneider, PhD


Dr. David Rabiner, PhD

Psychologist Duke Professor

Dr. Paul Bradley, MD

Healthcare Entrepreneur

Dr. Ed Neuhaus, PhD, ABPP

Behavioral Health

Systems Architect

Dr. Afolarin-Banjoko, MD


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