Helping your child with ADHD doesn't have to be so complicated.

Esteem Thrive is support at your fingertips to make it easier




Are You Struggling Or Feeling Unequipped?

Do you struggle knowing what to do?

Concerned your child is falling behind in school?

Not sure if the things you are doing are making a difference?

Did last school year seem harder than it ought to be?

Are you not sure about ADHD medication?

Does it feel like your child's ADHD is a full-time job?

Not sure if Esteem Thrive Is Right For You?

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Esteem Thrive works for each type of ADHD.

ADHD Inattentive Type

ADHD Hyperactive - Impulsive Type

ADHD Combined Type

ADHD with High Functioning Autism (ASD)

ADHD with Anxiety/Depression

ADHD with Dyslexia

Esteem Thrive app will guide you with step-by-step insights, resources, and instructions. 

I'm Ozzie and I'll be your guide!

Get Started In 4 Easy Steps. 


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Follow the plan.


Help your child THRIVE


"Esteem Thrive is helping us better understand our child. I wish this was around when I was a kid."


Have the information you need when you need it.

 - A California Mom


Know your child is growing and developing.


Reach your full potential as a parent.

I'm Ozzie and I'll be your guide!

ADHD Help and Support for Parents.

Esteem is more than a name - it's how we see you. Our mission is to esteem parents and kids who are living their lives affected by ADHD. It is no small task to raise a child with ADHD. It presents certain struggles and challenges, but in no way, shape, or form is it anything to be embarrassed of. In fact, we feel the opposite.

The Esteem team is made up of the world’s top ADHD experts, researchers, and practitioners. We’ve helped countless families go from chaos and confusion, to feeling confident in having a plan of action.


Of course, it’s a journey, and things don’t get better overnight. But taking steps today leads to a brighter tomorrow. With the right knowledge and support, things can start to fall into place. We’ve learned that moms and dads are the most powerful force for change in a family - when they are using the right tools. We exist only to be a support to parents, so that they can feel confident in their story of raising a child with ADHD.

With Esteem Thrive, you will: 1. Have a plan of action that helps you ensure your child is receiving the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommended care for ADHD. The AAP’s guidelines are designed with the whole picture of the child in mind. 2. Learn how to best interact with pediatricians, teachers, and members of your family. The care system is meant to help you and your family, so knowing your rights and what your child deserves will bring your child the best possible care. 3. Track your child’s health, symptoms, and development over time as you’re introduced to strategies aimed at your child’s specific areas of need. Esteem gives you the tools to know your child better, help your child better, and work towards better outcomes.

We know that children with ADHD have unmatched creativity, excitement for life, and resilience. They learn perseverance, ingenuity, and flexible thinking in ways that children without ADHD just don’t. Your child’s unique skills and talents can shine when they are not being overshadowed by insecurity, frustration, and being misunderstood.

"Esteem Thrive really celebrates his strengths and I feel like that is so important."

 - A Florida Mom

What do I have to lose? 

We all know what’s at stake. Without a change, things will more than likely remain the same. Designed by ADHD experts to fit into your busy, modern life, it’s a fraction of the cost other childhood development activities. This could be the best investment you could make to save you time, maximize your efforts, and promote better outcomes.


We invite you to take advantage of your 14 day free trial. No risk. Always private and secure. Cancel Anytime.

I'm Ozzie and I'll be your guide!

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