Parenting Kids with ADHD?

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What are you looking for?

Do you want to improve behavior? 

Academic performance?

Ensure your child fully develops?

Is Esteem+ Thrive right for your specific situation? 

How Do We Help Your Child Thrive?

Esteem Thrive begins by measuring your child’s current ADHD condition (and any other conditions that could be present).

Hi! I’m Ozzie. I will help you through the process of setting up your new dashboard.

We will automatically prompt you when it’s time to complete assessments. Some are done monthly, while others are done every other week. These assessments allow you to track your child’s progress over time.

We determine your child’s strengths and needs across 14 developmental areas:

Step One:

-  ADHD Symptoms Severity

-  Comorbidities

-  Academic Performance

-  Decision Making Skills

-  Relationship Skills

-  Social Awareness

-  Goal Directed Behavior

-  Optimistic Thinking

-  Self Sufficiency

-  Self Control

-  Personal Responsibility

-  Self Management

-  Sleep Performance


If appropriate:

-  Medication Management

Esteem Thrive is the only parent-driven web tool designed to identify which interventions are working for your specific child.

Step Two:

We help identify which interventions are working for your child.

By tracking your child over time, Esteem+ Thrive allows you to identify if your child is realizing benefits from specific interventions, both immediately as well as long-term.


Esteem+ Thrive is the only tool designed to provide families with the data they need to manage their child’s care effectively.

Step Three:

We make sure that parents are equipped with the support and resources they need for continued improvement and long-lasting benefits.

Esteem+ Thrive includes four vital interventions within the program:

Personalized area specific interventions for Activities of Daily Living and Social and Emotional learning


Sleep Improvement Module


Exercise & Movement Module


Study and Focus Trainer

We also provide support by way of an “ask the expert” service that allows parents to ask a question to an expert in ADHD care.

We are committed to helping you every step of the way

That actually sounds like more work for me.

No Way, No How, Absolutely Not!

Think of Esteem Thrive as the GPS that will help you navigate the childhood ADHD journey.


Roadblocks such as being called to come to school, missed work due to a child being suspended, and countless other frustrating situations cost parents time, energy and money.


Esteem+ Thrive can save time and give back some of those hours by providing feedback and data that helps parents to navigate their current journey and avoid pitfalls that may cause future delays.

Get Control and Stabilize ADHD Condition

Introduce Interventions

Track and Manage

Healthy and Developed

Alright, I’m Curious… What’s Next?

That's up to you.

If you are ready to take advantage of our 30 day free trial, choose the Create an Account button. No credit card is required, and you will immediately begin the path toward helping your child fully develop. 

If you would like to take Esteem+ Thrive for a test drive, you can choose to Try an Assessment to see how it works.

Still not convinced? Take this quiz to see if Esteem+ Thrive may be right for you. 

"Esteem Thrive is helping us better understand our child. I wish this was around when I was a kid."

Happy Esteem Thrive mom.

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