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Created by ADHD and child development experts.

Only requires a few minutes per week to focus on your child's ADHD, mental, and emotional health and wellness.

30 Day No Risk Free Trial

Join the thousands of parents using Esteem.

Created by ADHD and child development experts.

Esteem only requires a few minutes per week to focus on your child's ADHD, mental, and emotional health and wellness. 

Esteem is free to use. No credit card is needed.

Take the 90 Day ADHD Challenge.

Developed by and in conjunction with leading behavioral health professionals.


Dr. Thomas Pedigo, EdD

Medical Psychologist

Esteem Co-founder

Dr. Tommy Black, PhD

Professional Counselor

Esteem Co-Founder

Dr. Eli Schneider, PhD


Dr. David Rabiner, PhD

Psychologist Duke Professor

Dr. Paul Bradley, MD

Healthcare Entrepreneur

Dr. Ed Neuhaus, PhD, ABPP

Behavioral Health

Systems Architect

Dr. Afolarin-Banjoko, MD


Try Esteem's 90 day challenge.

Thousands are taking advantage of Esteem’s free app and are reporting that their children’s ADHD and behavioral health symptoms are improving in the follow areas: 


are saying Inattentiveness is improving.


are saying Hyperactivity is improving.


Anxiety and Depression is improving.


are saying Oppositional Defiance is improving.


are saying Emotional Health is improving.

What can you and your child achieve?

Of course, it’s impossible to guarantee that your child will see health improvements. However, we are reporting what Esteem parents are saying, and we hope you find the same success for your family!

Perfect for back-to-school.

As we continue to navigate the pandemic, schooling has never been more challenging. Esteem helps parents and teachers know just how distance learning and other new school situations may be affecting the health and development of kids.

Join the thousands of parents using Esteem.

Ready to start your 90 Day Challenge today?

Day 1

Download the Esteem app.

[Esteem is free and only takes 90 seconds to create an account.]

Follow Esteem's Timeline to create your child's "Personal Snapshot."

Day 2 - 89

Esteem will send you notifications.

Esteem will guide you and only requires a few minutes per week.

Day 90!

Celebrate your child's improvements!

At the end of the 90-Day Challenge, you’ll be able to clearly see how your child has progressed and hopefully, you’ll be celebrating their positive growth!


Anxiety + Depression

Social + Emotional Abilities

Emotional Health


Medication Side Effects

Join the thousands of parents using Esteem.

Gain real insights about how your child is doing, such as:

How they are developing through the first half of the school year.

What you are doing together that is making an impact.

How distance learning and quarantine has affected your child’s development.

Happy and satisfied Esteem users are saying...

I'm already feeling like this is helping, not only our child, but our relationship with her. 

I always felt like I was parenting the right way with our children, but I'm happy to have found this to help us better relate to our children. 

With Esteem, our pediatrician was able to see that while the medication my son was on worked well for a while, it was no longer doing the job we needed it to do... She could find the information she needed to make her decision quickly [about changing medication].

Instantly get started free. Anytime. Anywhere.

Esteem is free and it only takes 90 seconds to create an account.

30 Day No Risk Free Trial

[click the device you use to get started]

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Esteem helps families navigate through emotional and behavioral challenges.

If you have any questions please email us at or you can call us at 844-7ESTEEM

Questions About The 90 Day Challenge?

Who can take the challenge?

This 90 Day Challenge is for all parents, whether your child is diagnosed or not, no matter how your child is doing, or what your child is going through.

What can this help?

This 90 Day Challenge is designed for ADHD and ADHD-related conditions. This includes Emotional Health, Anxiety + Depression, Oppositional-Defiance, Conduct Disorder, and Social + Emotional Development, as well as Medication Side Effects.

What is the science behind the challenge?

The science behind the 90 Day Challenge was pioneered by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Philadelphia Children’s Hospital, and Esteem’s Behavioral Health Experts.

Why doesn’t everyone see improvements?

No one can guarantee improvements because every child, family, and need is different. However, by putting into place best practices and leading research, you can increase the odds of improvement.

Does the 90 Day Challenge Cost Anything?

Your 90 Day Challenge is completely free of charge because we believe in the power of parents and kids working together. However, if there is an add-on that you feel could help you and your child, please try it out! We’ll refund your money if you’re not completely satisfied.

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