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Developed by and in conjunction with leading behavioral health professionals.


Dr. Thomas Pedigo, EdD

Medical Psychologist

Esteem Co-founder

Dr. Tommy Black, PhD

Professional Counselor

Esteem Co-Founder

Dr. Eli Schneider, PhD


Dr. David Rabiner, PhD

Psychologist Duke Professor

Dr. Paul Bradley, MD

Healthcare Entrepreneur

Dr. Ed Neuhaus, PhD, ABPP

Behavioral Health

Systems Architect

Dr. Afolarin-Banjoko, MD


Receive  personalized improvement goals to guide your child forward to better health and development.

Easily coordinate with teachers and others involved in your child's care and development.

Discover parent training and things to improve your own health and wellness.

What you need in one place.

The Esteem app helps parents of children with emotional, mental, behavioral, and developmental challenges such as stress, ADHD, social and emotional, anxiety, depression, and others. 

Instantly create a personalized starting point or reset your child's journey.

Know if medications are helping, track side effects, and enable pediatricians to titrate medications to the lowest effective dosage.

Over time, discover if your child's condition(s) is improving, holding steady, or worsening.

Connect and coordinate your child's care with services such as tutors, coaches, and providers.

Better understand your child's condition(s) and symptom severity and how these things might be affecting your child.

Get help finding alternatives to medication and know if things you try are helping. 

Find digital tools to help your child improve and more fully develop.

Provide your child's pediatrician (or provider) with information to address chronic care needs.

Don't worry. It's not complicated.

Esteem was created for today's busy, modern families. Just follow your child's personalized timeline. Easy as 1, 2, 3...

Are you here because of ADHD?

Click here to learn about Esteem's 90 Day ADHD Challenge.

Get started in 3 easy steps.

Esteem is free. No paywalls or credit card is needed. Just follow the guidance within the app and start to see improvements.


Create your child's account in seconds.


Choose a path and follow your child's personalized plan.


Celebrate improvements or catch issues before they get worse.

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Happy and satisfied Esteem users are saying...

I'm already feeling like this is helping, not only our child, but our relationship with her. 

I always felt like I was parenting the right way with our children, but I'm happy to have found this to help us better relate to our children. 

With Esteem, our pediatrician was able to see that while the medication my son was on worked well for a while, it was no longer doing the job we needed it to do... She could find the information she needed to make her decision quickly [about changing medication].

Instantly get started free. Anytime. Anywhere.

Esteem is free and it only takes 90 seconds to create an account.

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